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This is a page for stuff that doesn't fit on the main site.

Title Description Date Status External?
Tickers/Marquees Some reimplementations of marquee in CSS. N/A Yes
Roundabout Theme Index The index of themes for the Git Forge software "Roundabout" N/A Yes
Yet Another Fandom Debloater A userstyle and userscript combo that (partially) debloats the experience of Fandom. N/A Yes
Password Generator A quick and easy password generator N/A No
How Much π Do You Know? Test your memory of Pi! N/A Yes
SA Custom Styling Custom styling for parts of Scratch Addons that I don't like N/A Yes
Personal Stickies Like Scratch forum stickies, but you pin your own topics. Inactive Yes
TF2 Tips Collection of the TF2 Loading Tips in one place, and sorted N/A Yes
Logic Gates Logical(boolean) gates: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, etc. N/A No
Scratch Trust My version of ForumsFeed(https://github.com/LankyBox01/scratch-trust) N/A No
Prepare HTML for JSON Prepare HTML to be put into a JSON N/A No
Scratch Assets View an image from Scratch Assets. N/A No
Random Scratch Project Grabs a random Scratch project Borked(thanks Replit) No
Random String Generator Generate a random base64 string N/A No
Replit Language Data Data on all languages on Replit. Borked(thanks Replit) Yes
Tic Tac Toe An online tic tac toe program N/A No
Scratch User Project Search Search all projects made by a Scratch user. N/A No
Clutter Compile Scratch projects together. Canceled Yes
Rock, Paper, Scissors An online Rock, Paper, Scissors/Ro-Sham-Bo game. You play it against a computer, trust me, it's pretty random... and fair-ish N/A No
Are you afraid of the dark Take a few seconds to answer this survey about if you're afraid on the dark... no I'm not telling you why! Active Yes
YouTube thumbnail Grabber Get a youtube thumbnail! N/A No
Quote Signature Quote my signature on Scratch. N/A No
Am I Banned? Check to see if I'm banned on Scratch Borked(thanks Replit) No
Secret Lives remake This is based off of the April 1st, 2021 joke that Scratch did N/A No