My HTML Tag Ranking


I like HTML. I recently found a video of Theo ranking HTML tags with a tierlist, the video is available on YouTube(URL), and the tierlist is on TierMaker(URL). Without further ado, here is how I ranked all* HTML elements.

S: h1, html, ul, link, details, summary, form, title, kbd, a, main, p, b, head, body, img, meta, br, footer, label, input; A: track, blockquote, q, h2, h3, hr svg, tfoot, i, u, textarea, style, code, tbody, optgroup, th, tr, option, select, pre, datalist, s, nav, td, em, iframe, embed, video, dialog, button, mark, ol, noscript, table, article, header, col, field, figcaption, samp, thead, area, colgroup; B: sup, progress, sub, h4, cite, strong, strike, picture, audio, h5, source, h6, canvas, abbr, script, caption; C: figure, math, wbr, hgroup, section, div, small, center, span, template; D: data, object, slot, marquee