The FizzBuzz Program


A FizzBuzz Program is a program used in many job interviews to see if a programmer is good at problem solving. There are many ways to make one.

First let me tell you why I write these programs. These programs, at least in my opinion, are good when you're learning a new programming language. It gives you a problem to solve, and all you need to do to solve it. Incase you're wondering, the problem is to make a program that counts from 1 to 100 and replaces all multiples of 3 with Fizz, all multiples of 5 with Buzz, and multiples of both with FizzBuzz. Generally in interviews, they also ask you to add on more multiples, such as multiples of 7 are replaced with Fuzz, and multiples of 11 are replaced with Bizz.

Now that I've told you what a FizzBuzz Program is, let me show you how I make them in Python.

for Index in range(1, 100):
    Response = ""

The first thing I do is I create a for loop, and within it I put a print statement and a variable named toPrint.

def FizzCompute(Number, Divisor, String):
    return String if Number % Divisor == 0 else ""

def SubstituteEmpty(String, Number):
    return String if String != "" else Number

for Index in range(1, 100):
    Response = SubstituteEmpty(FizzCompute(Index, 3, "Fizz") + FizzCompute(Index, 5, "Buzz"), Index)

Output 1 2 Fizz 4 Buzz Fizz 7 8 Fizz Buzz 11 Fizz 13 14 FizzBuzz 16 17 Fizz 19 Buzz Fizz 22 23 Fizz Buzz 26 Fizz 28 29 FizzBuzz 31 32 Fizz 34 Buzz Fizz 37 38 Fizz Buzz 41 Fizz 43 44 FizzBuzz 46 47 Fizz 49 Buzz Fizz 52 53 Fizz Buzz 56 Fizz 58 59 FizzBuzz 61 62 Fizz 64 Buzz Fizz 67 68 Fizz Buzz 71 Fizz 73 74 FizzBuzz 76 77 Fizz 79 Buzz Fizz 82 83 Fizz Buzz 86 Fizz 88 89 FizzBuzz 91 92 Fizz 94 Buzz Fizz 97 98 Fizz

The next thing I do is I define a function that checks if one number is a multiple of another, and if it is, then it returns the string, otherwise, it returns an empty string.

Then I make a function that checks if a string is an empty one, if it is, then it returns a number.

Once I have these 2 functions, I go back into the for loop and make the Response variable have the variable for checking if a string is empty(and if it is replace it with a number) check if 2 of the other function that check if one number is a multiple of another(and if it is, return a string). Finally, it prints the output.

I've tried this method many times. Below are some examples of this method in action!