How to Make the perfect Tea.


This post is subjective, there's no right answer to "what is the perfect tea."

Tea is the perfect fit for most meals, breakfast, 2nd breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afTernoon tea, dinner, or supper.

But how do I make it? Here's how I make my tea.

Step 1

The first step is to get the brand of tea you like. I personally like stuff such as Mighty Leaf, it tastes strong, and your able to use it 3 times without it getting weaker, and even then, you can still use it more, it really doesn't lose it's weakness.

Step 2

Get a mug, or tea cup. I personally like mugs, as they are normally bigger, meaning you don't have to refill as much as a tea cup.

Step 3

Get your tea, if you're using loose leaf, I'd use a smaller cup to make it, then use a strainer to the leaves out, as it adds texture that I don't like personally, otherwise just put the tea bag in, it is at this point that I like to stir it.

Final Step


You can add sugar and milk cream, if you're into those kinda things... even lemon if you really want.

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